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The perfect balance of concealment and shootability. Now with a ROMEOZERO.



P365 XL ROMEOZERO for sale

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The P365 redefined what a concealed-carry pistol should be. Now, the new P365 XL ROMEOZERO is doing it again. The perfect balance of micro-compact concealability with full-size shootability, the P365 XL ROMEOZERO packs 12 + 1 or available 15 + 1 capacity in a micro-compact, highly concealable size. Sight radius is improved with an extended 3.7” slide and barrel, and the new 365 XSeries grip module ensures a more comfortable grip and boasts an integrated magwell. shotguns for sale


These features, along with the signature XSeries flat trigger, all come standard with a ROMEOZERO 3 MOA optic installed and ready to go right out of the box. The P365XL ROMEOZERO maintains the crisp, clean P365 trigger pull that compliments the inherent accuracy improvement of a red dot-equipped pistol. Never has so much versatility and capability been squeezed into such a perfectly concealable size.


*Includes patented optic cut technology designed by ZEV Technologies. Patent number: RE47335


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